Friday, September 16, 2011

About Hydra

Soon Pittsburgh's multi-headed Hydra will rear it's head from the depths of the three rivers and descend upon Downtown's Mexico City restaurant for the first time.

Pittsburgh is criticized by some for being too small and interconnected... yet often times these same qualities are what make it great. Hydra exists with the goal of bringing social/creative groups even closer together to show that cooperation, not competition, can yield the most rewarding results. To do this, a selection of the city's dance/electronic music promoters and multi-format artists have come together to put on one show of monstrous proportions. The Hydra artists and promoters have chosen acts and exhibits to best represent their tastes and interests in a wide variety of genres and formats on two floors of sound and art.

In addition, a buffet of Mexico City's Mexican food will be provided for guests starting at 8 promptly, so get there early!

DJs and Musicians for the Night Include:
Chico, Clevr, Cucitroa, Cutups, Depth One, Dizcrepnnc, DJ Thermos, DJ Skooze, Expensive Shit,
Keeb$, Newtronn, Nikkels, Hunted Creatures, James Gyre, JTS and Paul Fleetwood

Projected Visuals, 3D art, Sculptures and more from:
Brian Bullets, Casey Hallas, Kemical Phuture, Matt Gondek, and Stephanie Armbruster

Hydra has decided to feature a great local cause for this event which helps young kids around the city learn how to play, perform and write music called Arts Greenhouse. DJ Thermos is extremely instrumental in this organization and will be there to discuss AG with guests. In addition there will be silent auctions and more to benefit the cause financially.

More info on the program here:

The kids involved with this project made a compilation mixtape - check it out here:

We hope you can make it to enjoy the evening with us and experience some parts of this great city you may not've come across before.

Friday, September 16
Mexico City, 409 Wood St.
Downtown, PGH
$5, 21+, 8pm-2am
Buffet @ 8pm



Altered States
Cosmic Mafia
The Drawing Room
The Garden of Earthly Delights
Get Weird
Grey Area Productions
Matt Gondek / Wonderful Life Clothing
Nakturnal Productions

Hydra is supported by Iron City Sound.

Iron City Sound presented by Iron City Brewery fosters the advancement of local musicians, spotlights regional and national acts in Pittsburgh and blends our hometown music culture and Iron City Beer into one mighty, satisfying groove.

Iron City products will be on special 10pm-12am @ $2 bottles!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Garden of Delights: dj James Gyre

an eclectic deejay night @ the Brillobox, Pittsburgh

past guests have included B.Rich, Distal, DJ Ripley, DJ/rupture, The Party Liberation Front, Pete Pandemic, Cutups, Keeb$, Cucitroa, Edgar Um, Shawn Rudiman, Jwan Allen, .rar Kelly, Natty Boh Peep, Mr. Hamilton, Brotha Mike, Dr. Zayaz, Michael Nighttime & more...
To provide a safe space for excellence. To showcase the best in local talents. To bring in special guests as the fates allow. To combine it all into a symphony of bass, beats and best friends.
We broke the attendance & bar records at Brillobox, does that count?

James Gyre is the resident DJ and curator for Garden of Delights.

Visual Artist - Matt Gondek

Matt Gondek is a freelance illustrator who specializes in bold, eye catching designs.
He was voted best local artist by Pittsburgh Magazine and he runs The Wonderful Life Clothing 

Here's a video of him designing the flyer for the Hydra event:

Visual Artists - Cosmic Mafia

The Cosmic Mafia is a collective of artist from all forms of media and entertainment. Established in 2000 by Three DJ's , one M.C. , and a fashion designer has since bred internal growth in Music production,Filmmaking, Promotions,Fine Arts, and Dance. Its members can be found all over the nation as well as other solar systems. Unfortunatley it has been difficult for this family to shake its reputation for illegal trading with other planets such as Mars and Saturn as well as other underground dealings while in the midst of space travel.

Cosmic Mafia Artist : Xan Lucero, El Nomada, Treethugg aka Black Bart Reynolds, Brian Bullets, Dirty DmC, Stormy, Dan Matic, Jose Hamilton and more!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nexnap: DJs Chico & Clevr

Nexnap is Clevr & Chico, for the time being. They like to have fun and play awesome music. If you haven't seen them play don't start now. If you have seen them play and don't like them you suck. If you have seen them play and do like them you're either Chico or Clevr.

412DNB & FUZZ: DJs Depth One & JTS

412DNB is a Pittsburgh group dedicated to keeping Drum and Bass music
alive and pushing forward in our city. Since 2001 we’ve run a
Wednesday night weekly, FUZZ, at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern where we
showcase local, regional and international DJs in an intimate setting
with one of the cities heaviest hitting sound systems. Our main focus
is D&B, but you’re also apt to hear Dubstep, Hiphop, Dancehall,
Breakcore and other sounds in bass-heavy and broken beat.

Some talent that we’ve hosted include: Abstract, Atlantic Connection,
Breakage, B-Key, Capitol J, Catacomb, Clever, Dara, Dieselboy, DJ SS,
DJ Trace, Doormouse, Dylan, Ed Rush, Essassin, Ewun, Fanu, Freaky
Flow, Gein, Hive, Infiltrata, Influx UK, Invaderz, Juju, Kastle, Kaos,
Klute, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Marcus Intallex, Mayhem, Murderbot,
N-Type, Outrage, Psidream, Raiden, Random Movement, Reso, Seba,
Silini, Skynet, Spor, Star Eyes, Submerged, SUV, Technical Itch,
Teebee, Ufo, Etc.

The 412DNB crew is: ABZ, Absolut, Alaska, Cutups, Dario, Depth, DJ Ra, JTS,
 Preslav, Ratana, Sean Kirby, Sub Q.

Keep up with us at 412DNB.COM

Grey Area presents: Expensive Shit

Grey Area is a concert promotion / event production company, and is
the talent buyer for The Rex Theater, and the Thunderbird Cafe.  Since
our inception in 2009, we've presented a wide variety of concerts at
Rex, T-Bird, and a number of other venues around the city. While the
primary focus of Grey Area Productions is live music, we also present
a steady schedule of electronic & live-tronic artists, and host
electronic events with other promoters.  Past events include Skrillex,
Glitch Mob, Shpongle, Atmosphere, Borgore, Dieselboy, Datsik, and many

Expensive Shit is a two-piece drum and sampler band from Pittsburgh, PA.
Their sound is boombastic, funky and psychedelic.  Get to know!

Näkturnal - Promotion

Näkturnal is a female-owned agency focused on bringing together arts and corporate communities to create a more vibrant music & entertainment scene. We offer access to influencer markets through unique promotional opportunities and thought-provoking events that inspire, move, and excite people; give talented artists and musicians a platform; unite people from diverse backgrounds for entertainment and networking purposes and raise awareness for worthy causes and issues. Näkturnal is in the business of creating a better world where artists, musicians, young entrepreneurs and activists get what they deserve, whether it's a stage, an open mind, or an opportunity.

More info at  and lots more at their blog

Get Weird: DJs Cucitroa and Discrepncc

  Since the first official party in early 2010, Get Weird has rapidly
become one of Pittsburgh's wildest electronic dance nights. What
originally began as a house party, now has grown to a rather popular
monthly party in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With a
recent move to Belvedere's Ultra Dive earlier this year, the guys
behind Get Weird have been able to bring in a larger crowd, diverse
electronic artists, bigger sound, a VJ, new themes, and a more
energetic experience.
Get Weird is represented by the resident djs Cucitroa and Discrepnnc. 

VIA: DJ / Curator Nikkels

 VIA is a collective of artists, musicians, and event producers who merge lights and sounds. Results include "VIA Presents", a monthly a/v series, and the annual VIA Music & New Media Festival, which has been ranked at #5 on Resident Advisor's Top October Festivals from around the world. VIA events pair new media artists working across video, code, and music visualization with what's next in music, and have included: Big Freedia, Matthew Dear, TOKiMONSTA, Omar-S, Pictureplane, Freddie Gibbs, Frikstailers (ZZK), In Flagranti, Oneohtrix Point Never, Kokoromi Collective, Mehmet Akten and Nate Boyce.

The 2011 VIA Music & New Media Festival, October 5-9 at multiple locations around Pittsburgh, features: Battles, Four Tet, Underground Resistance, Trans Am, Zombi, Austra, Toy Selectah, Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space), Laurel Halo, Extreme Animals, Thunder Horse Video, Aurora Halal, and much more.
More info:

VIA's representative is  Nikkels, a dj, curator and promoter behind VIA, Spoilers, and Love is Wet.

Humanaut: DJ Paul Fleetwood

Humanaut is a professional freelance production and DJ crew which has set its sights on creating a standard for up-front, forward-thinking music and events in Pittsburgh since its inception in 2006. Humanaut has built upon measurable success to represent Pittsburgh's finest talent in house and techno music, and continues to showcase the world’s most renowned professionals in the industry, while maintaining a well respected standard in event production and taste.

More info at

Humanaut's representative act is Paul Fleetwood

Paul is the co-founder of Humanaut as well as a production assistant to Pittsburgh’s VIA crew. His passion for electronic music has led to a dynamic career as a performing DJ dedicated to the growth of electronic music culture in and beyond his hometown. His sonic tastes tend toward the viscerally hypnotic, a collection of beats meant to incite both physical and mental movement in his audience and to create an experiential connection through music.

Check out his mixes at:

Visual Artist: Stephanie Armbruster

Inspired by urban spaces, populations, and visual textures, the portfolio of artist Stephanie Armbruster is a whimsical interpretation of the urban landscape. Neither literal nor practical representations, her mixed medium paintings and installations depict the city as a layered accumulation of elements. Informed by a fascination with graphic design and architecture, Stephanie draws on the language of street art to create disjointed compositions that are gestural and experimental.

LazerCrunk: DJs Cutups & Keeb$

LazerCrunk is a monthly no-holds barred dance party the first Thursday of every month at the Brillobox, in Pittsburgh, PA.  It's been going on since June 2008.

Resident DJs Cutups and Keeb$ mix up fun, cutting edge dance music
that's tough to describe with just a few genre names.  Electro crunk,
new rave, street bass, indie dance, b-more bashment, robot rock, toxic
dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, are all things one might
hear any given month.

Monthly themes and guests vary widely as well.  Whether it be a Galaga party with Cosmic Revenge from the Bay Area, our cupcake contest / Rick Ross jam with local DJ Hank D, a mad scientist party with Freddy Todd, or a throw-back Dino-Riders theme for San Fran's Mochipet, every month features some of our favorite dj / producer guests, and has at least a surprise or two in store.

For more info, mixes and event listings check out our blog at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tcrps Presents: Hunted Creatures

Edgar Um of tcrps is a long time veteran of Pittsburgh's electronic music community and has been involved with more projects than probably even he can remember.  Covering a wide range of musical styles, his tcrps production outfit specializes in "noise, experimental rock, improvised electronics, and electro-acoustic improvised music".  Edgar's musical choice for the event, Hunted Creatures, a local ambient-drone band who create pleasing, fluid, music that seems to take on a mind of it's own.

Check out their bandcamp site to get a taste of what they're all about:

tcrps is the event production guise of Edgar Um Bucholtz. He is the music and performance curator of The Shop Art and Performance Studio located in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The Shop specializes in noise, experimental rock, improvised electronics and electro-acoustic improvised music. Recent shows at The Shop have included Iceage, Richard Pinhas, Black Leather Jesus, Sic Alps, Shearing Pinx, GA'AN, Das Racist and Matthew Dear. upcoming shows include Nautical Almanac and Stare Case on Sept. 11th and The Voltage Spooks (featuring Keith Rowe of AMM) and Michael Johnsen on Sept.14th. For more info: edgarum(at)

The Hydra and Hydra Blog Format

Hydra was initially formed on the concept of a variety of related, yet unique, local production crews selecting musical acts to represent the events they produce.  The acts are asked to play for free in the name of "a greater cause": the overall concept of Hydra and the charity/non-profit chosen for the evening.

This blog will cover a bit about the production crews and the artists they've chosen so you can find out a bit more about each of them.