Friday, September 16, 2011

About Hydra

Soon Pittsburgh's multi-headed Hydra will rear it's head from the depths of the three rivers and descend upon Downtown's Mexico City restaurant for the first time.

Pittsburgh is criticized by some for being too small and interconnected... yet often times these same qualities are what make it great. Hydra exists with the goal of bringing social/creative groups even closer together to show that cooperation, not competition, can yield the most rewarding results. To do this, a selection of the city's dance/electronic music promoters and multi-format artists have come together to put on one show of monstrous proportions. The Hydra artists and promoters have chosen acts and exhibits to best represent their tastes and interests in a wide variety of genres and formats on two floors of sound and art.

In addition, a buffet of Mexico City's Mexican food will be provided for guests starting at 8 promptly, so get there early!

DJs and Musicians for the Night Include:
Chico, Clevr, Cucitroa, Cutups, Depth One, Dizcrepnnc, DJ Thermos, DJ Skooze, Expensive Shit,
Keeb$, Newtronn, Nikkels, Hunted Creatures, James Gyre, JTS and Paul Fleetwood

Projected Visuals, 3D art, Sculptures and more from:
Brian Bullets, Casey Hallas, Kemical Phuture, Matt Gondek, and Stephanie Armbruster

Hydra has decided to feature a great local cause for this event which helps young kids around the city learn how to play, perform and write music called Arts Greenhouse. DJ Thermos is extremely instrumental in this organization and will be there to discuss AG with guests. In addition there will be silent auctions and more to benefit the cause financially.

More info on the program here:

The kids involved with this project made a compilation mixtape - check it out here:

We hope you can make it to enjoy the evening with us and experience some parts of this great city you may not've come across before.

Friday, September 16
Mexico City, 409 Wood St.
Downtown, PGH
$5, 21+, 8pm-2am
Buffet @ 8pm



Altered States
Cosmic Mafia
The Drawing Room
The Garden of Earthly Delights
Get Weird
Grey Area Productions
Matt Gondek / Wonderful Life Clothing
Nakturnal Productions

Hydra is supported by Iron City Sound.

Iron City Sound presented by Iron City Brewery fosters the advancement of local musicians, spotlights regional and national acts in Pittsburgh and blends our hometown music culture and Iron City Beer into one mighty, satisfying groove.

Iron City products will be on special 10pm-12am @ $2 bottles!

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